Thursday, July 31, 2008

Singapore 1: National Library

Arriving on sunny wednesday afternoon, we enjoyed a nice quick trip straight to the hotel, which happens to be in the downtown near City Hall. After a small chat with the taxi driver, we found out that the hotel is a walking distant to one of the most discussed architectural object in Singapore, the National Library. So it wasn't long for us to put our bags and quickly grab the camera and hit the road, again:).
We walked through several blocks, passed some sheltered pedestrians, and even a sex shop, before reached the entrance of this library where we came into an open space under a big white building, just like when we crossed under Foster's Hongkong Bank. This giant structure emerges from quite dense surroundings that we almost forgot to notice its whole shape from the pedestrian. We couldn't help but to go right through this open terrace with such comfortable airflows and lively ambiance with people chatted and sat around the cafe below. Maybe that comforting feeling should be experienced for every public-interfaced buildings in Jakarta.

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