Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hongkong 4: Chek Lap Kok

One of the Hongkong's architecture attraction is located at the country's gateway, the Chek Lap Kok international airport, which was built away from downtown to the west part of Lantau island. The world's best airport in 2007 was designed by british architect, Sir Norman Foster, to hold larger capacity with faster and much better services as the old airport in Kaitak.
The airport uses the current preferred pattern where the departure halls located on the upper levels while the arrival halls below. These patterns allow the ongoing visitors to have the last grand farewell, as they are welcomed by the large curving halls with stick-like supporting collumns, an all-white ambiance with the easiest access both for visitors from cars or buses, and trains. Though the departure and arrival halls are separated in levels, this airport still provides air-bridges accross the voids to connect these storeys, that resembles contemporary concept of air travelling with many possible transits.

After entering the glass doors, the visitors head for 10 check-in rows, with 20 check-in gates each. These rows end at single immigration entry, separated by large glass panels, and guided by many informative signages and directories that Jakarta commonly lacks off.

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