Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The History of Pav95

It all began when there were 8 fresh graduated and 1 professional architects who wanted to express themselves using their architectural knowledge as well as their limited experience. It was September 1,2000 when they bound themselves as pavilion 95, a design studio that handles any design projects. They dreamed that in the next 5 years, they can achieve the needed skills that their seniors can have for 10 years. Thus, by that time, they all would be on the same level of skill competing in a vast field of designs.

The time rolls, the opportunities come and go, the natural selection occurs, creating a solid team of 5 members in one design consultant, dedicated themselves in the field of designs as one mutual partnership. With a sense of seeing everything for the first time, they build their preconceptions to seek new forms, interpretations, and even poetry for the common artifacts in our lives. They recognize the power of design to evoke the human spirit.

A design should be a solution, a solution with an attitude.