Sunday, November 18, 2007

Musholla Al-Izzah

This was actually our last year project which made through Astro TV (Ruang Silaturrahmi) and IDEA (July 2007)publications. The project was later also nominated as IAI Jakarta's Award 2007. Hopefully we can attach the movie clip very soon.

It's a small project yet quite interesting for us, since it's located on abandoned roofdeck on top of an old building in FKG UI Salemba that might look like an alien, a parasite, or just a 'crown' for the faculty. The faculty needed an extra space for student praying room (musholla) above the dean's office, which was functioned as open storage, as well as a bridge between buildings. The problem was to create spacious room while the kiblat was heading perpendicular to circulation/entry corridor, and we had to separate the area for men and women.

As for the cover, we create a rather simple geometrical composition of circles, by using PVC and steel, to emphasize a contemporary 'arabesque' for the facade. This was also meant to protect the building to climate and yet it may still breathe through the skin, as to make a comfortable place to pray.

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