Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fatahillah Lighting Makeover

After the Jakarta's Old Town Revitalization Program was initiated on September 29,2007, the Fatahillah Museum as one of the Old Town's icon became the central of the first phase revitalization program, as well as Ceramic Museum, Central Station, Puppet Museum, Kota Intan bridge and the pedestrian areas surround them. The revitalization focuses on re-tracing the old pedestrian ways and plaza (Alun-alun), and re-creating the classic ambiance of the Old Town by assembling similar paving materials as well as the lighting poles and fixtures.

One of the important issue was to make such regulation for the lighting masterplan, since the government does not owns/functions most of the remaining buildings in the area, and there were already too many newer lighting fixtures mounted. Some of them are too modern, and some were put in the wrong spots. "It's harder to regulate private-own buildings to comply with the masterplan", as mentioned by Agust Danang Ismoyo, our lighting specialist who was working with PJU on the project. Fortunately, we don't have those issues on Fatahillah Museum, now that it has become one of the main attraction for nite tourism surround Jakarta's Old Town.

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priyatnadp said...

Interesting project, hopefully it will no just light up the building but the activities around it.