Wednesday, April 12, 2006

2001: The story begins...

After some changes in the terms of reference by the owner, a student canteen of FISIP UI had finally set to be built in October 2001. As fresh designers we weren’t easily satisfied by the quality of short-term design, thus when the project started then the development design should also continue until the time it had to be built. We realize that when a design emerges as a collaboration of spirited designer and owner, in the end the user would feel the same spirit as the creators.

The concept for the student canteen was “behind bushes”, taken from the name of the site adjacent where the old food stalls are located. A spirit of informality, dynamic movement, and restoration inside a formally campus guidelines. A new atmosphere was then emerged from FISIP's environment that enlivened its social interaction. Surprisingly for us, the project has granted us another achievement as the best campus facility in the Indonesian Architects Institue (IAI) Award in 2002.

While others were developing the design of student canteen at FISIP, one of us was handling one residential project which gave more complete experience for us in construction projects. This was actually what we have planned to have in our first 3 years of working together, each to experience a complete project in order to have sufficient skill in the field of built environment.

The project was to completely renovate the whole house by tearing down the old building and build a new one on the same site. A 3-storey house of 400 m2 owned by dr.Sugito was then designed, built, and supervised, down from the sub-structures, up to the roof and skylight. No matter how complicated the project, a design concept should be applied in terms of characterize the building, especially a residential project. In this case, the concept was an eclectic renovation that combines old furniture inside a contemporary tropical house.

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