Sunday, April 02, 2006

2000:From Scratch...

A start from scratch made us to open ourselves in a vast field of designs. Architecture, interior, graphic, comics, web, and even exhibition stand design, you name it. We even have created some pictures for greeting cards. From these we believed that eventually we could realize our own characters.

After doing some drawings for other consultants or students for their final projects, we were offered a renovation task on faculty toilets. A place that infamously attracts designer to work on, but there is where it all started for pavilion.

A thorough design and construction, down from the plumbing system, up to the floor and ceiling patterns, as much as we could do on a tight budget of campus buildings. Each of us responsible of designing up to the details of each toilet, and since there were no other projects to do then the priority obviously focused on one toilet project.

As fresh graduates, we were lucky to have almost unlimited opportunity on designing such projects, since the owner might felt there were nothing much to do in renovating an old and dirty toilets anyway. But that meant a lot for us, because it gave us chance to show something else, a different point of view, to enter a designed public toilet for campus people.

There were 3 different locations in the campus, and each consisted of 2 storeys. One of the locations was inside the dean's office of the faculty that attracts the higher faculty officers, that in time would certainly put us on another promising projects....the student cafeteria of Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia. The story begins...

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