Friday, November 28, 2008

Got delayed in the station?

This is what we had in mind after finishing a long discussion and arguments on creating the most effective circulation and functions for an interchange station. At that time we thought that station is a very 'functional' facility, thus every chance to design it would need greater consideration to the public use or flows. Thus again, this wasn't just an image competition that pleases jury's and public's eyes, hence professional certification is needed for each entrant. After the discussion settled, we needed a striking punchline or statement that may put our design to the new level of understanding, how an interchange should be and look like on its urban context.

Why would be delayed become somehow entertaining experience?
Have you ever been delayed by someone or from some scheduled task in Indonesia? Most probably you have, and some would think that the term 'jam karet' is still relevant. This might be unpleasant condition to have, if we constantly put ourselves as the object of delay. On the contrary when one choose to delay him/herself from a scheduled task because the situation 'lures' him/her to do so.

First, the site is quite specific where roads and railways are cross-overlayed upon each other, with an additional of water element in Ciliwung river. This has in fact devide the site into 4 different area, each with its own development plans; Dukuh atas on northeast is known for its density of market, small residences, and night clubs; Talang Betutu on northwest with its skyscrapers future development; and south sides with its developed business district and hotels. Although separated by the site, we did not see how the interchange stations (between commuter, airport link, and MRT) should also be as well, as the TOR would suggest. An interchange station should represent speed, accesibility, and comfort. And we cannot suggest comfortable and effective 'speed' of interchanging in a separated stations concept.

While the station itself represents speed, other public (commercial and communal) facility in the station offers comfort that is related to a slower pace concept, thus 'delaying the speed' for a more public refreshment facility is the issue that we proposed for Dukuh Atas interchange station. Delaying also means providing more green open space that surrounding area lacks of, so that it sustain its presence on the ground and upper level as people meeting point, or simply a place to have your lunch during the busiest day in Jakarta.

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