Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hongkong 1: The Arrival

After an early morning hustle, and having a quick transit at Changi, with a sip of Gordon Ramsay's lunch set at SQ, we finally arrived at Chek Lap Kok international Airport in Hongkong at 2pm. Surprisingly, we travelled together with our fellow engineers and officers from FTUI, departed for Changi where we splitted to each other destination. Again, surprisingly, another fellow UI architect and talented actor, Nicholas Saputra, joined the gang to depart for Hongkong.

It was a lucky coinsident for us, since he is a regular traveller to Hongkong for a VH1 conference, thus helped us through initial encounter with local transportation:). It was a 'heaven and earth' comparison for people (well, at least for us) to travel from Cengkareng to Chek Lap Kok, where simplicity, accessibility, and tourist comfort are the priority as well as the ambiance for the modern airport....we can easily access Hongkong downtown along with our belongings through an airport express train. This fast, clean, and comforting train goes straight to 3 checkpoints, where then people may checking in/out from/to the airport easily....this has been proven to actually help us at our last day in Hongkong when the Feng Shen storm strikes!

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si anis said...

ke hong kong kok gak bilang-bilang....waduh!!! gw kan di hong kongggggg. hehe kapan kesini lagi, man??