Monday, January 21, 2008


Last week, The Engineering Faculty's Dean officially announced their new facilities at Magister Manajemen Teknologi (MMT FT) in UI Campus Salemba, which were planned to uplift the existing interior condition. They were the Digital Library and Computer Lab for MMTFTUI, located on the ground floor of this 3 storeys building.

Initially, we were asked to plan for 3-phase renovation, starting with the roof and facade treatment, followed by interior renovation, and completed by the new furnishings. The first phase has been done as planned, followed by the second phase that focused on the interior of the new large classroom on third floor. The classroom was designed and built in a very short term of less than a month with a minimum budget that a large classroom could have, while the ground floor area was left untouched for future development.

After a while, the Faculty asked us to develop the ground area that was occupied mostly by an empty (unfunctional)room, cafeteria, admin office and toilets. This large unfunctional space on ground level was not a good representative for a post graduate engineering programs, especially when it also functions as the entrance to the whole facility. We need something to uplift the interior condition as well as its atmosphere, where academical activities can be experienced dynamically. Thus a student library, computer lab and lounge were considered the most appropriate.

The Digital libary, as the main feature in the ground area, was planned as the virtual complementary database for the actual library in campus UI Depok, where students can browse many things related to their studies and academic schedules. The place also accomodates a meeting room and a reading lounge. Adjacent to the library, a computer lab for 20 persons connected by wi-fi is facilitated. Both the library and the lab were designed with a sharp shaped furnishings with dynamic lines and colors, that indicate the sense of progressivity in the world of technology and engineering.

The Atrium, located on the center of facility with large skylight, is definitely the most spacious area in MMT. It's surrounded by railing walls from upper storeys and 2 sets of concrete collumns that hold the staircases. This volume had to be reduced somehow in order to create friendlier space for people to sit in the lounge below. We decided to apply bold red color, as to emphasize the warmth ambience and reflect the MMT's passion to go beyond any limit in engineering, that often represented by royal blue. Unlike the library and lab interior, the atrium uses curving furnitures with similar red color, to create an integrated informal lounge as well as convinient place to sit, browse and updating news.

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