Wednesday, September 12, 2007

JDC's new Lux: Urban Scarcity

Recently, we have won the third place for designing the Jakarta Design Center (JDC) facade competition with a rather unusual concept of spatial facade.

Despite the old look of the building and surrounding's irregularity, people would still look for JDC as it has become the only high class design center in Jakarta. We can say, it has a role in the jakarta's design centers network. Thus, the new facade as representative layer is not the issue here.

We prefer to relate the high class value as luxury of which the surrounding people would experienced, socially and architecturally. A luxury that can be sensed as a scarcity in Jakarta; Luxury is clean among the slum; Luxury means distant rather than dense; Luxury means green among concrete. With the minimum budget of the project, we proposed a clean slope of active green garden that limits frontal view towards the building, as well as creates more space for people to interact to and for JDC, in order to gradually relate the people to design that close to their daily activities. A rare feeling to have during a busy day on one of the busiest junction in Jakarta.

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